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9 Of The Most Expensive Planes In The World: What’s Your Style?

Imagine airplane travel without the hassle. Seats with legroom, no person seated in front of you pushing their seat — and the fold-down tray — into your lap, no fights amongst passengers that will inevitably go viral on social media. Now, imagine this: flying on a private plane. (Though there still may be a crying baby; that alas, is universal.)


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10 Most Expensive Restaurant Meals In The US: Can Anyone Spare $950 For Sushi?

Is there a dining experience worth $950? Per person? The answer is yes for gourmands and adventurous diners with wallets that haven’t seen any crypto-like wallet downturn. There are a plethora of restaurants serving up sublime, savory and so-pretty-you-don’t-want-to-eat-it — but will take photos for Instagram — meals that make the price tag palatable.