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US Stocks Look To Close Volatile Week On A High — Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge, New Home Sales Data, Tesla, AMC In Spotlight

Stocks could be in for a higher opening on Friday, as indicated by the trading in the index futures. Key economic data will have a bearing on the day’s market direction, although conviction in the potential move could be less due to the thin trading volume that is characteristic of pre-holiday trade.


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Another Casualty Of Our Economic War Against Russia: U.S. Treasury Bonds. How Our Bet Against Them Has Worked So Far.

Another Casualty In The Economic War  One theme of our posts since Russia invaded Ukraine is that America's economic war against Russia is hurting America. As we noted over the weekend ("Sanctions On Russia Backfire On The West"), the mainstream media has belatedly started to realize this as well. 


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Is The Dollar Still The Gold Standard Of Currencies?

After trillions of dollars of U.S. government stimulus spending since the beginning of 2020 and with inflation running at its highest levels in more than 40 years, some investors are understandably growing concerned that "dollar debasement" is threatening the U.S. dollar's long-standing position as the world's preferred reserve currency.